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Brixton Live: a key project in 2013

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Brixton indoor marketKettle Partnership has been awarded a grant by Arts Council England to deliver Brixton Live, a website and mobile application that focuses on developing new and existing audiences for a range of cultural organisations based in Brixton. This project is a pilot demonstration of concept that will be delivered in partnership with six local cultural organisations and three Local Authority departments: Raw Material, Oval House Theatre, B3 Media, Photofusion, 198 Contemporary Arts, Independance, and Lambeth Arts, Libraries and Archives services. The Brixton cultural offer is extensive but, as acknowledged by the partners participating in this project, fragmented. Brixton Live will connect cultural organisations through a single common factor – their location – and make the range and extent of the cultural offer in Brixton both more apparent and more easily accessible to audiences.

Brixton Live will allow the partners to reach a wider potential audience, getting their message across to people involved in other cultural activity in Brixton. It will build on the strong place brand in Brixton, already promoted through locally grown initiatives such as the Brixton Pound. The pilot has the potential to be extended to more organisations and businesses within Brixton, and is also a template that could be used in other places. Brixton has recently benefited from publicity generated by the new restaurants and bars in Brixton Market creating a ‘new’ destination for Londoners. However the area has always had a good proportion of visitors to its cultural scene, from music at the Brixton Academy and the many other clubs and venues in Brixton, to films at the Ritzy Cinema. However, these visitors are not always aware of all the other cultural events and activities taking place in the neighbourhood. The situation is similar for local residents, who may be aware of some cultural activity in the area but have no easy way to see the full cultural offer.

The model will be refined as we work with partners to develop the best solution to fit their needs, but here’s an example of how it could work:

Someone who attends fringe theatre in London books for a play at the Oval House Theatre. They see a link on the Oval House website to Brixton Live, which they click. This shows them that Brixton Library has a regular reading group looking at work by the author of the play they are seeing. Having not known about either Brixton Library or its activities, they attend a wider range of the cultural facilities in Brixton and let others know through Twitter/Facebook updates linked back to the Brixton Live site.

The online platform can also allow audiences and organisation to share ideas and develop events online; and to make recommendations to potential audience members based on the cultural products users they have accessed. By bringing together existing audiences from a range of cultural venues and local businesses there will be opportunities for each organisation to access many different audience segments, and for audiences to hear about and try something new.

For further information please see the work pages on this website.