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Hannah Barlow #GreatWomanofBrixton

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Hannah Bolton Barlow: Potterhannah barlow doulton pottery


  • Hannah Barlow was Doulton Pottery’s first female artist and its most famous
  • Grew up the 7th of 9 children, in a comfortable childhood in the Essex countryside. When her father suddenly died, the family income ceased and the children had no training for any kind of work. Limited range of occupations considered suitable for women. Hannah decided to become an artist and this decision bought her to Lambeth School of Art.
  • Unlike many colleges of art at the time, Lambeth School of Art admitted women students as well as men.
  • Hannah is regarded as one of the most important artists in Victorian Pottery. Her work was exhibited at an International exhibition in South Kensington in 1871 and Queen Victoria bought some of her pots
  • She is the most collected of all Doulton artists

Doulton Pottery

  • The Royal Doulton company began with a factory at Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, in 1815
  • Doulton’s made its fortune out of the sanitary revolution of the 19th century, making pipes, drains, sewers and toilets.
  • By 1871, the company launched a studio at the Lambeth pottery, and offered work to designers and artists from the nearby Lambeth School of Art.

Lambeth School of Art

  • Now City and Guilds of London Art School, one of the country’s longest established art colleges.
  • Based on Kennington Park Road