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How was it for you?

by Leah. Average Reading Time: almost 2 minutes.

On the 25th February at Brixton Library we are organising an event as part of LGBT History Month.


The idea for the event started last March.  As part of our ongoing project – Brixton Live – we had co-ordinated a programme of events for International Women’s Day during March 2014.  One event, was a workshop about female sexuality called  ‘The Root of the Taboo’  hosted by independance.  One of the discussion points at the end of the workshop was how rare it was to have a chance to talk about sexuality and particularly to have activities specifically for women/gay/bisexual.

Subsequently the participants of that workshop contacted Kettle Partnership to see if we could organise further events for women in Brixton.  Brixton Library indicated they would be able to support us with a space for an event(s) and we were able to raise funding from the Lambeth & Southwark Wellbeing & Happiness Grant, co-ordinated by the London Community Foundation.

How was it for you?  Is an event to talk about the experience of coming out as a gay or bisexual woman – How different was it before the Internet? Do you miss community noticeboards and picking up the Pink Paper from your local library and scanning the personals?!  How has the internet helped you?  

7pm – 7.30 pm: Short Play & Short Film

Film: Another Woman’s Scent

Co Directed & Produced by Angie West & Jackie Nunns

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, she remembers being drawn to another woman’s scent. Erotic lesbian transitioning/coming out, a true story by Sarah Reilly, poet and artist.

Play: Princess and Princess

Written by Amie Taylor, directed by Stella Duffy and performed by Amie Taylor and Mary Price O’Connor.

“Sometimes I pretend I’m a princess in this city.  Lost. I’m looking for another princess, but they’re hard to come by.  Or at least, I think they are.  I haven’t come across many in this city.  Doesn’t feel like I have.  Maybe I’m the only one.”

7.30pm open discussion with invited speakers

8.15 – drinks & networking

9pm – Close

We are going to ask event attendees whether they would be interested in more events directed at women/gay/bisexual in Lambeth.  If you would like to input into this discussion – get in touch –