Kettle Partnership

Kate Barnard-Wills

Kate Barnard-WillsKate started out working in arts and education, before taking on a series of jobs in the arts sector that focused on building partnerships and relationships.

Kate brings to Kettle the ability to understand people’s needs within and outside the arts sector. “I’m good at quickly understanding the wider context in which cultural organisations have to operate, be that at a local, regional or national level. My ability to be outward focused helps me to join up groups of partners across sectors, and demonstrate the impact of arts and culture in ways which make sense to people in other parts of society, including funding bodies and government.”

Kate has worked at a national policy level, negotiating changes which were beneficial to the sector. She also worked alongside Leah on delivering the culture and sport planning toolkit, a treasury funded project that helped local authorities and cultural organisations make a credible case for the need for cultural infrastructure in their communities, translating these needs into the structured planning process.