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Taking part in #hormonehour

by Leah. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Bridget Hargreave and Kettle Partnership are hosting our 2nd #hormonehour chat this evening (Thursday 21st April, 8pm) and we thought it might be useful to write down how you can join in.

In order to take part in the tweet chat, follow either @kettlepartners or @bhargreave on twitter.  You can also follow the conversations by searching under the hashtag for the tweet chat, which in our case is #hormonehour

You are welcome to dip in and out of the conversations, but please remember to include the hashtag (#hormonehour) in your tweets, so that everyone can follow the conversation.

When you ask questions or reply, put a ‘.’ in front of an @ to make sure that the tweet is seen by more than just the tweet recipient.

If you can, when you join the conversation, consider offering a quick 1 tweet into to say hello to the group as well as letting us know who you are.

After each #hormone hour we write up a report and post it on, so you can share with others or just catch up on anything you might have missed.  Here is a link to our last #hormonehour report

#hormonehour is part of a project we are developing, focused on Female Hormones. We know that hormones affect women in three particular stages: puberty, childbirth, menopause – and throughout each woman’s lifetime there is the constant of the menstrual cycle. But, it can be difficult to find relevant information about their impact and the treatments associated particularly with the three main life stages. Additionally it is only relatively recently that the impact of hormones on women are being discussed more openly and many women are still not aware of the different medical checks and support services that they can access – and of the effect hormonal changes can have on their mental health.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project, please ask us about it either by joining the tweet chat or emailing us directly (