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Here we’ve summarised a few of our key work projects.  If you’d like to find out more, or are interested in getting involved – please contact us:

Female Hormone Project

We want to develop a project that disseminates information and creates debate on issues related to female hormones using creative engagement ideas to connect and help support women in London. Ultimately, we aim to develop an app for women of all ages to use, to help women – and girls – to diarise their hormonal fluctuations and corresponding physical and emotional changes.

We believe there is a gap in this kind of engagement currently. More is generally known about the effect of perinatal hormonal changes, and some about puberty but information about menopausal changes (and effects on wellbeing) is relatively scarce.

We know that hormones affect women in three particular stages: puberty, childbirth, menopause – and throughout each woman’s lifetime there is the constant of the menstrual cycle. But, it can be difficult to find relevant information about their impact and the treatments associated particularly with the three main life stages.

Additionally it is only relatively recently that the impact of hormones on women are being discussed more openly and many women are still not aware of the different medical checks and support services that they can access – and of the effect hormonal changes can have on their mental health.

We plan for the project activity to be a range of events and activity focused on the three key stages of hormonal change in a woman’s life. These would have two purposes: as stand-alone events to facilitate discussion and sharing of experiences, and to gather information to inform the development of the app. We will work with partner organisations to deliver these events, particularly medical professionals – whether by speaking, or advising us on guidance we could share with attendees

Longer term, our plan is that the information we gather will inform a new app – to guide girls and women through hormonal changes, with a focus on wellbeing.

We recently hosted a tweet chat #hormonehour with the Maudsley Communications Team and Dr Michael Craig from the National Female Hormone Clinic – for more info on the tweet chat, click here

Great Women of Brixton: Women who have changed our lives and shaped our community

Working with our Brixtonlive partners – Photofusion Uk and 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, we are created an event  ‘Great Women of Brixton’ as part of our International Women’s Day Celebrations 2016.

We invited people to come to the HustleBucks shop in Brixton Village / Brixton Market on Sunday 6 March between 12-4pm to nominate their ‘Great Woman of Brixton’.

The nomination could be for a friend, work colleague, family member or someone from Brixton’s history (Claudia Jones, Olive Morris, Annie McCall etc..).

The criteria to nominate was that the person has either changed your life or shaped your community – or both.  Professional Photographers from Photofusion filmed the event and took portraits of all that participated.

The images from the day were released on International Women’s Day – Tuesday 8 March, in an online gallery at along with a short film of the event.

We are now looking at developing this project into a larger heritage programme, in partnership with Lambeth Archives.

Windows into Protest

Windows into Protest is a project in partnership with 3 countries where protest in many different forms is taking place: Ukraine, Turkey and the UK.

Kettle Partnership developed and produced the project, bringing together 3 organisations with the support of the Tandem Network.

We chose 3 public squares in the main cities of these 3 countries. All of these public spaces have significant histories as well as present-day relevance to their urban populations.

Although the types of protest and what people are protesting about, seems on the surface, very different, there are common themes to be found, particularly how urban populations feel disenfranchised from their local authorities/government.

The partner organisations who produced their own films are:

Grizine: an internet platform specialising in arts & culture, based in Istanbul

Ivan Honchar Museum: the Ukrainian National Folklore Museum, based in Kyiv

Brixton Live:  Collective Audience Development


Brixton Live is a partnership of local organisations with the common aim of promoting – and improving access to – the area’s extensive range of cultural activities in Brixton, South London.

Partners want to build existing and new audiences, so that more people can enjoy what the area has to offer. Brixton Live acts as a gateway to many of the area’s cultural activities, as well as joint events and membership bonuses. It is a one stop shop which allows Brixton residents and visitors to plan their time out in the area.

Kettle Partnership, was awarded funding by Arts Council England in 2013 to deliver the initiative. The partners include six local independent organisations and three Lambeth Council departments: Raw Material, Ovalhouse, B3 Media, Photofusion, 198 Contemporary Arts, Independance, and Lambeth Arts, Libraries and Archives services.

Brixton Live connects cultural organisations through a single common factor – their location – to make the range and extent of the cultural offer in Brixton both more apparent and more easily accessible to audiences.


Tandem: Home to Home

Kettle Partnership developed an oral history project with partners in the Ukraine.  Home to Home, linking objects to memories to explore the story of Ukrainians in Britain.

Our project partner was the Ivan Honchar Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine’s National Folklore Centre  and Home to Home was funded by Tandem – supported and developed by the European Cultural Foundation, MitOst and the Soros Foundation. Tandem links cultural organisations in the EU with those in accession countries, supporting them to work together on joint projects.

Home to Home took place in both Kyiv and London and was a year long-project which connected objects to memories and the wider history of the Ukraine and its influence on the London diaspora community.

To Home to Home London:

To Home to Home Kyiv:  

Tandem Project Partner Logos


Culture Global: developing audience engagement and sharing knowledge 

The Culture Global Network is a Kettle Partnership project, designed to give UK cultural organisations access to the information and ideas that will help them deal with a difficult, rapidly changing political and funding climate.

Supported by Audiences UK, the project aims to create an international cultural exchange network to locate, analyse and share the best and most effective examples of audience development and cultural advocacy from Europe, the U.S.A, Australia and New Zealand.

Many organisations want to build closer relationships with their audiences to:

  1. understand and benefit in new ways from two-way relations with their audience
  2. build a more active relationship with audiences, involving them directly in programming and evaluation.
  3. mobilise audience support to help advocate for cultural funding
  4. look at new ways of raising funds, such as micro-philanthropy

Some of these approaches are practised successfully in other countries, however small and medium-sized cultural organisations are often short of resources to develop these international links.  Culture Global aims to research international best practice and practical tools and make them available to UK organisations by building a network to ensure this information can be shared and accessed more easily in future.

The Culture Global project intends to deliver:

  1. a research report analysing international audience relationships, data collection approaches and funding models
  2. practical tools, piloting and training to help hard-pressed organisations use the report’s findings
  3. an international network to enable continuing access to knowledge about the way comparable organisations operate

If you would like to find out more about the project and are interested in getting involved in the network please email us at  Kettle Partnership.

Now Closed: Culture Global survey of international practice

Kettle Partnership contacted strategic arts organisations across the world in order to identify best practice of small to medium size arts organisations in the following areas:

  • audience development/ marketing
  • collection of data/evaluation
  • funding models/sponsorship
  • digital innovation


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